KULARKs、On Air@No Rules Radio Show

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2010/08/07 – 09:29

No Rulez Radio Show by DJ M-TRAXXX on 05-08-2010


1.Alex & Chris ‘At Night’ -CDr Promo (Napoli, Italy)
2.3 Amigos ‘Tribal Heaven’ -Jellybean Soul Records
3.KC Flightt ‘Let’s Get Jazzy’ -TMT Records
4.Fingers Inc. ‘Distant Planet’ -Jack Trax
5.DJ Duke ‘Planet X’ -Superbad Music
6.Gypsymen ‘Hear The Music’ -E Legal Records
7.DJ Duke ‘Planet X’ -Superbad Music
8.Pato Banton ‘Beams Of Light’ -Tribal America
9.3 Amigos ‘Opera House’ -Jellybean Soul Records
10.Femme Fion ‘Jack The House’ -DJ International Records
11.DJ M-TRAXXX ‘Universal Dance’ (KULARKs Remix) -GALAXY RECZ Japan
12.Tyree Cooper ‘Hard Core’ -DJ International Records
13.Salvatore Vitrano ‘S Trax’ -Boogiemonster Records
14.Seduction ‘Seduction’ -Vendetta Records
15.Carlos Fuerte’ feat Shatti ‘Dance’ -Th!nkDeep Records Toronto
16.Eric B. & Rakim ‘Follow The Leader’ -Uni Records
17.Art Of Noise ‘Beat Box’ -Island Records
18.Mr Jack ‘In The Beginning’ (Acapella)
19.TC Crew ‘Welcome To The Underground’ -DJ International Records Promo White Label
20.DJ Pierre ‘Muzik’ -Strictly Rhythm
21.33 1/3 Queen ‘Searchin’ -International DeeJay Gigolo Records
22.DJ Pierre ‘Muzik’ -Strictly Rhythm
23.33 1/3 Queen ‘Searchin’ -International DeeJay Gigolo Records
24.Tech Nine ‘Slam Jam’ -Strictly Rhythm
25.Rare Arts ‘Boriqua Posse’ -Strictly Rhythm
26.Tech Nine ‘Slam Jam’ -Strictly Rhythm
27.Rare Arts ‘Boriqua Posse’ -Strictly Rhythm
28.M.A.W. -White Label
29.Jask feat Depeche Mode ‘Deep Burnt Sky’ -CDr Unreleased Promo
30.M.A.W. ‘The Buff Dance’ -Cutting Records
31.Marlon D ‘Jesus Creates Sound’ -CDr Promo
32.Royal House ‘Can You Party’ -Idlers Records
33.DreamHouse feat Ceasar ‘Jump & Prance’ -White Label Records
34.Ralphi Rosario ‘You Used To Salsa’ -Bootleg

Special Thanks To DJ M-TRAXXX