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Biography (English):
House Music has come along way in it’s nearly 30 yr journey.
What began as an Underground Chicago movement, is now global; a multi-million dollar industry complete with culture vultures looking to nibble from the vine of it’s success.
In this age of compromised and commercialized house, it can be difficult to withstand the pressure of trading in the “Underground” aesthetic for fast cash.
Yet, there remain a select few, whose commitment to continuing the legacy of the Original House Sound, is still selectively thriving.
DJ M-TRAXXX aka Manny Cuevas is one of these people.
Born & raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Manny understood the power of dance at a young age.
He galvanized the Classic Disco and Funk of the 70′s at his “Love Attic” parties held at his best friends parents house attic.
It was all decked out with tracking lights, polar bear skin rugs, nice couches, fire place, etc…and a slammin’ sound system his friends father owned with reel to reels, 8-tracks, cassette decks and of course turn tables.
Manny also had many other house parties and rented hall parties He either DJ’ed or more than often promoted w/ his Crew.
Working on the business side of things.
Then entering the 80′s Manny did a 360 degree turn and got heavily into the Punk/ New Wave and Industrial electronic scene.
Dressing in weird outfits, mainly in black with heavy eye liner and black nail polish…not to mention his fetish for leather bondage gear.
But it wasn’t until hearing a tape His cousin from Chicago gave to Him by the legendary Farley “Funkin” Keith (now Farley “JackMaster” Funk), that his eyes and ears were wide open to a new world of music.
After relocating to Orlando, Florida, Manny along with his two younger brothers (Jesus and Jose’) formed KCP ( Kid Cuevas Productions) in 1985.
As a unit, KCP promoted events that educated their crowd to the Chicago House sounds and Detroit Techno, becoming among THEE FIRST to do so in that area….well, all of Florida to say the least.
Not to mention Manny’s style of mixing where he would take his crowd on a higher level where he would EQ mix and also wUrk the crowds brain when He would reverse the echo chamber knobs and this crazy vibrating sound would rattle the speakers.
The style got so popular at his parties that they would make special tracks with the “vibrant” effect and called it “Vibrant House Muzik”. Their parties gained them a devoted following, and KCP ultimately became a “Nation”. KCP/4x4Nation (4×4 being the rhythm of House Music).
The name was significant, also, in that it represented the bond between the Dancer and the DJ.
In 1987 Manny attended Full Sail School of the Recording Arts & got a degree in recording engineer,live sound,music production,as well as music business.
After graduation, Manny started Working for various local studio’s as an in house producer/remixer.
Then a magical phone call came in from his favorite radio station WBMX in Oakpark Chicago for a internship as the main editor to splice up & make radio edits of all the House Music that was being played on the mix show which featured the Super Mix 6…Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Bad Boy Bill, Julian “Jumpin” Perez, Mike “Hitman” Wilson, Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriguez, & Fast Eddie.
Unfortunately 2 weeks before Manny made his move to Ch-Town, the Program Director called Him back & said that WBMX was changing format & that His job as editor no longer existed. WOW!!!
“That was a low blow for me”, “but I knew GOD had other plans so I didn’t look back & kept moving forward here in Orlando.”
In 1989, Manny and his brothers began a show on a local radio station (WPRK 91.5 FM) where he exposed more people to the gospel of House Music. The show, which focused primarily on their (KCP) mixing skills, was a leading light of the Orlando Underground.
A few years later Manny and his brothers left the show to devote more time into throwing their own parties and making exclusive tracks for those events.
However, in 1994′ Manny was back on the radio (WPRK 91.5 FM) in full force. This time around He had a slightly different concept.
In addition to show casing Himself, Manny then went on to spotlight other world renown DJ’s & promoted parties not only in Orlando, but Gainesville and Miami…basically covering all of Florida State.
He became known as “Thee Educator” , as numerous Orlandoians never had before experienced these kinds of sounds.
Other solo performances from Mr. Cuevas were heard on WNYU New York’s “Fashion Vibes” radio show with host D’ Elegant.
After building his reputation, Manny went on to share the KCP style/sound with many parts of the world, from Detroit, Chicago, New York, New Hampshire, (basically the whole east coast to midwest) and all of Florida to the U.K. (Scotland, London, England).
If asked to describe His mixing style, Manny would say “If I could stick Farley “JackMaster” Funk, Ron Hardy, DJ Pierre, Lil’ Louis, Larry Levan, Todd Terry, and a touch of Junior Vasquez’s drama for good measure in a BIG Blender, that would describe my style of mixing, “Unpredictable!”
Not to mention a dab of the Village People, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Until December and Depeche Mode for the love of Gay and New Wave/Gothic culture.”
At the dawn of the 21st century, Manny blew listeners away with his pumping Mentally Deep House sets on Orlando’s Party Station 95.3 FM WPYO.
Manny also rocked the Miami airwaves on Radio-X 88.5 FM and Party 93.1 FM WPYM.
He also continues His musical mission of enrolling people in the school of “Body-Jacking” with His “Infamous Paradise Box” and “Phamily” parties, and monthly residencies at various clubs around the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area & Orlando.
We also can’t forget Thee annual “AFRO ACID/This Is House/Phamily” events Manny & his good friend /legendary DJ Pierre throw for the WMC in Miami.
Manny also helped DJ Pierre launch Afro Acid Digital & Afro Acid Plastik Record Labels as Head A&R.
Looking for new talent as well as being an exclusive Remixer & Producer for both labels that carried the REAL HOUSE MUZIK Torch is the logical step in giving back to the music, that has given me so much”.
With Manny’s style of House which He calls “Deep Circuit” .
“It’s a style that merges my love for BIG ROOM BOOM of the Gay Circuit Parties with the rawness of my early Chicago House Music and Detroit Techno roots.”
With the division of the straight and gay crowds, Manny would like to bring back the rainbow of colors to His parties.
“No descimination, only spiritual love of the muzik and celebration of the life our loving LORD above has given us.”
Manny has written for various Mags around the world.
Such as Merger (Detroit), Inner Space (U.K.), Graffix (NYC), Concept (Canada), East 909Street (Florida), etc… Manny and His brothers (KCP) has also done work with Roy Davis Jr & Jay Juniel under “Black Rican” though the tracks were never released…as well as other unreleased tracks with DJ Sneak, LA Williams, & Felix Da Housecat.
Later on Manny linked up with then partner Josh Riptide under the name “Werkin’ Brothers”.
Reconstructing and making Anthem mixes on “Why Did U Call Me” a solo track by Gioia Bruno of 80′s sensational group Expose’ .
They also wErked on a remix for Miami’s very own Dance Planet X (DPX) anthem track “SouthBeach” ( Werkin’ Brothers Mansion size mix).
A mix dedicated not only to SouthBeaches life style , but the Club Manny hopes to one day control the decks…”It (Mansion) won’t be the same after I wErk those tables!”
With a resume that includes being prime developer in Orlando’s knowledge and acceptance of House Music, host of an internationally recognized radio program and floor-filling gigs on both sides of the Atlantic, it is clear that Manny Cuevas aka DJ M-TRAXXX is a House Pioneer whose profile is still on the rise! Having taken the phrase “House is a feeling” to heart, His life embodies the ideas of Classic House with a modern aproach…pretty soon the World will be part of KCP’s House Nation.

== Discography ==
DJ M-TRAXXX – The Wrath Of Nia – GALAXY RECZ 019 :25th.Nov.2010
DJ M-TRAXXX – Universal Dance – GALAXY RECZ 017 :25th.Sep.2010