DJ Yoko’s interview

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2011/02/01 – 17:14

Interviewer:Noriyuki Hashimoto

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Please introduce yourself at first.

[DJ Yoko]
I’m DJ Yoko from Yokohama,Japan.
I have started to produced the track with ambient from 20 years old.
After I met Techno and House music, I started to produce four-on-the-floor.
After I had met DJ KOHSUKE, current GALAXY RECZ’s owner, in 23-year-old autumn,
I started up activity in full scale.
Mainly I have produced Tech House.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
What concept do you have to produce the track?
Moreover, from what kind of artist were you influenced?

[DJ Yoko]
Without a doubt, I was influenced by Underground Resistance.
I was considerably influenced about a concept of music production by their thought.
The concept I always put on the mind is How I can put feelings into the sound of only machine.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Please tell us the desire you put in the tune and the title and also tell us its appeal point.

[DJ Yoko]
What I saw, listened and experienced are always becomes a hint,
so the title of music is a thing and a concept of the object.
After I had such a experience, it rings naturally in my head so I just re-create it.
I want to express it like being imaginable from what the inspiration is received only by listening.
Therefore, I want to make the title simple and short as much as possible.
Because the imagination of listeners can be stirred up.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Please tell us if there is a hardship story in production.

[DJ Yoko]
I always have a hard time after completing the melody and the rhythm.
I mean mixdown and arrangement.
If I mixdown at home, it tends to become a balance quite different from the floor,
and when the demonstration is actually sounded on the floor, I find how to ring is different.

An arrangement is same as that.
If I think about only one composition of the arrangement at home, I’m bogged down.
So I try to get some hints from the Mix which KOHSUKE, Mr.Chris and ther friends of same label deliver.
I want to make it to the tune when DJ mix as it’s easy for them to make the connection
and the flow between tracks.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Some messages to the end, please.

[DJ Yoko]
I wish that the person who listened to the tune swell the imagination respectively.
I’m looking forward to meeting on the floor somewhere some time. Thank you so much.

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