Hernan Cattaneo supported Solid on his Podcast

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2012/05/08 – 06:35

Podcast by Hernan Cattaneo on 05-May-2012

Episode 052

Part 1 Tracklist
01.Cesar Lopez/Giddy Head-tune 11
02.Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love (Pablo Acenso Unofficial Remix)
03.Nobuyuki Tokunaga Feat. Mia TuttavillaSolid (Unreleased Dub Mix)
04.Neil Quigley Tone Float Cari Golden – Deal With The Devil
05.Dr.Avalance – Stairs

Part 2 Tracklist
01.Ben Archbold – Time Has Run Out (Bens Dubtech Mix)
02.Christian Drost – Molecules
03.Oliver Shories – Mother
04.Nat Monday & Jay Welsh – Waiting (Facundo Mohrr & Sound Process Remix)

Special Thanks To Hernan Cattaneo