Nicolas Masseyeff’s interview

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2013/08/09 – 00:27

1, What inspired you to become a DJ and to create music?

[Nicolas Masseyeff]
It was in 1989, when i heard for the first time some electronic music, it blowed me away !!! i was looking at this time for some tape with this music, it was really hard to get, so i started to buy some vinyls, and then i got into mixing really fast after i bought my first technics.
In a few years i started djing for some parties in my city…. Few years later i bought my first sampler, synths and drum machines and started doing music on my own, i was working at night during the week, when i had time , because my record store was taking all my time… and naturally after few years, my first records came out.

2, What are the reasons for you to title your debut album “The Motherland”? You have also noted in your biography that “The Motherland: itʼs an odyssey into the manʼs mind, featuring twists and turns, blissful sections and joie de vivre, but also melancholia and sorrow, just like in his life; just like in your life…”, where did the inspiration came from?

[Nicolas Masseyeff]
The motherland is a place where i wanted to define my own world, … as everybody.

3, What kind of instruments do you use when you create music?

[Nicolas Masseyeff]
In my studio, you can find analog gears that i bought years ago like TR909, Micro Modular, JX8P, JUNO 60, etc and some computers… I use Logic and Ableton… i really love some plugins like Arturia, Kontakt, Waves, Universal Audio… i mean you can do everything that you have in your head with those gears….
I love the way how we can create music now in 2013

4, From your tracks and mixes, we can feel the wide range of musicality with tracks such as Wiebel remix centering dark taste tech house which enhances the piano sounds and Survival Instinct remix released from SUARA which is inorganic progressive track.
When you create tracks and when you DJ, where do you get your inspiration from? Also, what are your “Must” for your DJ play?

[Nicolas Masseyeff]
To be honest, when i m in the studio, inspiration comes to me when i start working… i try to do something different each time (i mean for the main idea), it s not really easy to do.i guess you can feel all my influences in my tracks or in my dj sets… i was a big fan of detroit music years ago, and i still have this imprint in my mind… and i really love also the groove tracks so i try to combine both in my tracks and in my dj sets, it can be dark or happy but it is always telling a story to the listeners. I don’t have really a “Must” for my dj set… the most important thing for me is to feel the dance floor , and try to bring them in my music world.

5, What are your vision and prospects for the future?

[Nicolas Masseyeff]
Actually i have no time to produce own music much as i m working also for some other artists on some projects…. But in the near future i will go back to my studio to work on some new tracks, i ve have few ideas in mind… i would love to also work on a new album, but it has to wait 2014 for this.

6, What do you look forward to the most in the Japan tour?

[Nicolas Masseyeff]
it is a dream come true for me to go to Japan, i m really curious about the japanese electronic scene, i have heard so many good things about japan. all my dj friends have told me that the audience is awesome !!! that parties are amazing !!!! so i m really looking forward to party there with you guys!!!

7, Lastly, please give the Japanese readers a message for the Japan tour.

[Nicolas Masseyeff]
Let ‘s party and have fun all together for the love of the music !!!!!!
See you at SAIKO BEACH !!!

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