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R.Varez (Brabant, Belgium)
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Biography (English):
R.Varez is a music producer and remixer from Belgium.
He has worked and evolved through many musical styles to these days and worked with various music professionals since the early 90′s.
R.Varez weaves a rich life of musical influences and ideas into a colorful tapestry of sound for the listener.
He challenges his pre-conceived ideas and perceptions, aimings to share a glimpse of his electronic art.
R.Varez takes you on a journey that provokes emotion and addiction, inspires and teases you senses to the limit.

== Discography ==
Ende – Mornings (R.Varez Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 037 :30th.Mar.2012
R.Varez – Destroy – GALAXY RECZ 034 :27th.Jan.2012