Shinichi Ozaki

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Shinichi Ozaki (Aomori,Japan)
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バイオグラフィ (日本語):
15才のときにHip Hopと出会う。
19才のときにE-MU SP1200とAKAI MPC2000でHip Hopのトラック制作を始める。

2000年、コマーシャル化され過ぎたHip Hopに嫌気がさしはじめていた頃にたまたま入ったレコード屋でハウスとトランスに出会い衝撃を受ける。
2010年、自主レーベルEmotion Gate recordsより”Not Yet Seen”をリリースする。
同じく2010年、My Space上でGALAXY RECZを主宰するKOHSUKE氏と出会い、デモを送ったことがきっかけで今回のリリースが決まる。

Biography (English):
He meets Hip Hop at the age of 15.
DJ’s debut is stteped on a local club at the age of 17.
He beginning to create a Hip Hop Tracks,using the legendaly E-MU SP1200 and AKAI MPC2000 at the age of 19.
He went up to Tokyo at the age of 20.

Around 2000,He felt disqusted at the commercialism of Hip Hop Music.
Around same time he meets in the record shop by House Music&Trance Music.
He was enormously impacted by House Music&Trance Music,and immediately changed the direction of his music.
He was most affected trancy sound of “KAITO” and “Benz&MD”.
Then followed thd day to day,learning self-taught composer.
in 2010,independence label Emotion Gate Records to “Not Yet Seen” was released.
Meets the 2010 GALAXY RECZ Director “KOHSUKE” on My Space.
Release is determined by chance sent a demo.
His sound is melancholic nostalgic and emotional.
There you can feel his soul.
He is 16 years lived in Tokyo,from Nov,2011 live in Aomori.

== Discography ==
Various Artists – GALAXY RECZ Miami WMC 2013 Sampler – GALAXY RECZ 057 :15th.Mar.2013
Various Artists – Brightness To Japan Vol.2 – GALAXY RECZ 035 :20th.Feb.2012