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Type-N (Rabat,Morocco)
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Biography (English):
Type-N is a young group of electronic music producers formed by Naoufal Idlahcen & Anass Khoudali (N-S), based in Rabat, Morocco.
In their adolescence, when they started to listen to electronic genres, they discovered their common passion, which they shared in college where they met up. So they decided to create the group & start the learning process.
Through the years, they’ve accumulated precious experience & sharpened their skills & talent in different ways of the music production. Assisting several gigs around, they got inspired & influenced by some of the best avant-garde djs & producers from the worldwide, including moroccan artists.
They also participated in many remix contests from well-known labels & artists.
They’ve already signed their first single “Frozen” under the “7 Seas” logo & remixed artists from the same label.

== Discography ==
Yuki Kudo – Route 274 (Type-N Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 060 :24th.Apr.2013
Type-N – Conscience – GALAXY RECZ 054 :29th.Jan.2013