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AccZent (Ireland)
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Biography (English):
Two words to describe AccZent are “dedicated and devoted”.
AccZent was born in 1984 and grew up in Dublin, from an early stage he has been working on his ultimate weapon; his music production and D.J. skills.
AccZent spent most of his youth mastering both the turntables and music production with a dedication often claimed to be obsessive!
And when AccZent wasn’t mixing or producing, he was definte…ly thinking about it – it’s in his blood!
AccZent embodies a philosophy; “Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets,”
and that he did. At the age of 16 AccZent swapped a cherished mountain bike for a set of turntables.
“It was at this point that the fun began,” dedicating all of his energies over the following year he eventually cracked it, mixing was now second nature!
His passion grew stronger and stronger and his skills rapidly more advanced.

It was the following summer when AccZent put his skills to the test by heading abroad to land himself a residency position in the spectacular Arena night club on the main strip of Herrssonisis (Crete), followed by a residency in Neon nightclub just next door.
Back on his own soil, AccZent left his mark in various clubs such as; Radio city, The Vaults, Leagle Eagle, the Bridge House, Parnell Mooney, The Belvadere hotel and The Button Factory to name a few.
Some of the Headliners at these events where ; Dj Lucca, B.K, Paul Glazby, Francois, Sonarsson, Mark kavanagh and Ilogic .

It was now time to push the boundaries for AccZent as he set a new target; taking on the challenge of producing his own material.
Putting his philosophy into action, AccZent enrolled in college on a two year term “mastering the art of sound” receiving praise and applause for his work and dedication.
Now armed with a deep and fluent understanding of music production, AccZent now “rocks worlds” with his remarkable blend of sounds bringing you the best in Progressive, Minimal, and Electro House.
You can check out his upcoming tracks soon to be released to the world on the all new “Fusion Four records” based in Kanas city United States.

== Discography ==
Various Artists – Brightness To Japan Vol.1 – GALAXY RECZ 028 :24th.Jul.2011