Various Artists / Brightness To Japan Vol.1

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2011/07/24 – 21:20

Brightness To Japan Vol.1

Japan suffered huge damage due to the earthquake and the tsunami.
We try the charity to Japan by dance music project “Brightness to Japan Compilation”.
Producers all over the world who supported this project offered us their tracks.
We will contribute the sales full amount of this project through Civic Force.

Civic Force

Hereafter, “Brightness to Japan” series will continue.

Release Date: 24 Jul.2011
Artist: Various Artists
Tittle: Brightness To Japan Vol.1
Format: Digital (Beatport,juno download,iTunes Store, etc..)
Cat.No: GLXY028

Artwork by MIZUKI

01.KULARKs – Prologue (Original Mix)
02.Ende – Amargus (Original Mix)
03.yjm – Kite (Original Mix)
04.AccZent – Equanimity (Original Mix)
05.DJ Yoko – Not Yet (Original Mix)

Message from “Artists of Brightness To Japan” to Japan.

I am so sorry for people who suffered this disaster.
At the same time, I (we) do respect all people’s hard work on difficulties at stricken area.
We all have to fight against so many issues, earthquake, Tsunami, radiation plant and bad rumors in unison.
This is why I decided to join this charity compilation, and create a piece for relief fund.
The title, ”Prologue” means restoration and revival will be our prologue of long journey to safe and relief life in peace in the future.

From yjm,
I joined this project because I do wanted to help the earthquake victims.
Though what I can do is really a little, I wish that my listener’s feeling reaches to people who suffered this disaster with mine.
Let’s face and work together to cheer up stricken area.

From AccZent
I will never forget watching the news on the morning of March 11th,
To witness a man telling the news crew he had just lost his whole family, all of his friends and his home along with everything in it.
But, the way he told his story with complete composure and bravery, something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.
What also struck me was how Japan, as a community and country, dealt with this tragedy; together with great equanimity.
Japan, the world could learn a lot from you.
I am privileged to donate this piece of music, giving me the chance to be involved in the reconstruction of a superb nation.
Love from Ireland to Japan.

From DJ Yoko
I am sorry for the difficulties of the earthquake victims.
I am also so sorry for people who lost their family and friends.
My latest piece for this charity, “not yet” means someday in the future in Japanese.
People who separated now will see each other someday in the future.
We will get our peaceful days for sure someday in the future.
There is a “someday in the future” for everyone.
I hope this music works for revival aid to help people to get their own “someday in the future.”

A – Z

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives)
Very nice, I enjoyed the tracks by AccZent and Kularks the best.

DJ M-TRAXXX (Miami/Orlando,Florida)
gr8 album!!!
all track r good but my favz r Kularks ‘Prologue’ & DJ Yoko’s ‘Not Yet’

Joe Mckechnie (UK)
Best of luck with this, Amargus is the track I’ll be playing.
Thanks. Joe

Keisuke Kanomata (varium)
I think so.

Kel Sweeney (UK)
More classy melodic stuff from DJ Yoko, and a strong package of solid floor movers.

Mari Shimamura
All great trax!!
Espesially,Kularks-Prologue is nice. He is maestro!
yjm-Kite is shibui. I pray this EP make JP energetic.

Satoshi Fumi (sequent:recordings,Outerspace)
quality trax:))

Shin Nishimura (Plus Records)
Kularks / Prologue is sounds is good to me.

Tomoyuki Sakakida
Kularks – Prologue is so Cool! Pray for Japan.