Tomoyuki Sakakida’s interview

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Interviewer:Noriyuki Hashimoto
Interviewee:Tomoyuki Sakakida

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Please kindly meke self-introduction.

[Tomoyuki Sakakida]
My name is Tomoyuki Sakakida, ans I am from Sapporo.
I have made tracks from I was 16 years old with my real name.
My pieces were HIPHOP at the beginning, but I changed my main music to 4 beats from 2008.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
What is your concept on track making?
Who did you have effect from?

[Tomoyuki Sakakida]
I do not grudge any of my idea, and I always try to make the best one.
I always let whatever comes in my mind in a piece even if it does not seems to harmonize with club music.
Sometimes a phrase or tone which sounds opposite from club music can be beautiful tracks through good work.

I do not come up with any specific person who affect me a lot.
However, various domestic progressive artists stimulate me for sure.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Could you please tell us about what you feel and what you express in your music and titles?
What is your appeal point?

[Tomoyuki Sakakida]
I prefer always challenging new stuff to building up a own sound style with a specific taste.
Actually, “Furaibow” comes from this attitude.
The main point of “Furaibow” is an aggressive taste like a explosion,
so I just want audience feel music without thinking.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Do you have any pains on production?

[Tomoyuki Sakakida]
I would say I run out of my energy when I complete a piece.
This makes me feel that I will never be able to produce a better piece,
and I guess my inner standard gets higher and higher.
This negative thinking way always prevent me from working.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
“Furaibow” with gorgeous 13 remixers is the biggest work of GALAXY RECZ, isn’t it?
I feel a special eagerness.
Do you have any special emotion that you want listener to feel?

[Tomoyuki Sakakida]
It is really great to expand your network through a piece and music.
People who provide remix, people who compete with at remix contest,
people who made comments for my work uploaded on SNS,
people who meet for the first time through this piece.

Those people are my important music companion I met through music,
and it does not matter if I see him/her in real life or have contact only on internet.

I think the goal of this project is feeling strong connection between people
when I look back after we finished all remixes.
We hope that a listener can feel or have connection through this release as many people as possible.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
If you have any, please kindly give the last message.

[Tomoyuki Sakakida]
I will put my heart and soul into my tracks, and I will make tons of interesting pieces.
Please kindly support me.
Wonderful music for everyone!

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DJ Yoko’s interview

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Interviewer:Noriyuki Hashimoto

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Please introduce yourself at first.

[DJ Yoko]
I’m DJ Yoko from Yokohama,Japan.
I have started to produced the track with ambient from 20 years old.
After I met Techno and House music, I started to produce four-on-the-floor.
After I had met DJ KOHSUKE, current GALAXY RECZ’s owner, in 23-year-old autumn,
I started up activity in full scale.
Mainly I have produced Tech House.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
What concept do you have to produce the track?
Moreover, from what kind of artist were you influenced?

[DJ Yoko]
Without a doubt, I was influenced by Underground Resistance.
I was considerably influenced about a concept of music production by their thought.
The concept I always put on the mind is How I can put feelings into the sound of only machine.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Please tell us the desire you put in the tune and the title and also tell us its appeal point.

[DJ Yoko]
What I saw, listened and experienced are always becomes a hint,
so the title of music is a thing and a concept of the object.
After I had such a experience, it rings naturally in my head so I just re-create it.
I want to express it like being imaginable from what the inspiration is received only by listening.
Therefore, I want to make the title simple and short as much as possible.
Because the imagination of listeners can be stirred up.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Please tell us if there is a hardship story in production.

[DJ Yoko]
I always have a hard time after completing the melody and the rhythm.
I mean mixdown and arrangement.
If I mixdown at home, it tends to become a balance quite different from the floor,
and when the demonstration is actually sounded on the floor, I find how to ring is different.

An arrangement is same as that.
If I think about only one composition of the arrangement at home, I’m bogged down.
So I try to get some hints from the Mix which KOHSUKE, Mr.Chris and ther friends of same label deliver.
I want to make it to the tune when DJ mix as it’s easy for them to make the connection
and the flow between tracks.

[Noriyuki Hashimoto]
Some messages to the end, please.

[DJ Yoko]
I wish that the person who listened to the tune swell the imagination respectively.
I’m looking forward to meeting on the floor somewhere some time. Thank you so much.

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