DJ M-TRAXXX supported More Rain on Fixation Radio

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2011/08/29 – 06:56

Fixation Radio by DJ M-TRAXXX on 27-August-2011

01.Geoff M ft Dawn Tallman – You Better (David Penn remix) – Z Records
02.Julius Papp and D’Layna ‘Celebrate’ – NeoDisc Music
03.Sandy Rivera ‘I Can’t Stop’ – Defected Records
04.Frankie Knuckles ‘Gimme-Gimme’ (Disco Shimmy) – Noice! Music
05.U2 ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ (Johnny Vicious Mix) – Cdr ..w/ DJ M-TRAXXX Dancin’ In Outta Space”)
06.Shiney Grey ‘Why’ (Bob’s Le Dream Mix) – Yello Productions
07.Nobuyuki Tokunaga Feat. Siri Svegler – ‘More Rain’ (DJ Yoko‘s Chordal Remix) – GALAXY RECZ Japan
08.Timo Garcia ‘Deadly Grooves’ (DJ M-TRAXXX Deadly Dub Mix) – Afro Acid Plastik
09.Cristian Guerra ‘Generator’ – Dirty Stuff Records
10. Danny Tenaglia ‘Dibiza’ (Loft Mix) – Stereo Productions
11.Pearl Jam ‘Better Man’ (Junior Vasquez Remix) – Cdr

Special Thanks To DJ M-TRAXXX