DJ Yoko / Flamenco

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2011/01/15 – 01:23


DJ Yokoが得意とする郷愁に満ちて広がりのあるメロウ・テックハウス。
日本が世界に誇るテックハウス・プロデューサーSatoshi Fumiを始め、
AmaohDo Shock BoozeによるRemixを収録。

This is DJ Yoko‘s specialty Melloe-Tech House which filled with melody of nostalgia.
Nostalgic synth melody and heavy rhythm will heat up listener’s emotion.
This EP includes Remixes by Satoshi Fumi (He is one of the hottest Japanese Tehc-House producers) and
Amaoh and Do Shock Booze.

Release Date: 15.01.2011
Artist: DJ Yoko
Tittle: Flamenco
Format: Digital (Beatport,juno download,iTunes Store, etc..)
Cat.No: GLXY021

Artwork by DJ Yoko

01. Flamenco (Original Mix)
02. Flamenco (Satoshi Fumi Geome-Trick Mix)
03. Flamenco (Amaoh Remix)
04. Flamenco (Do Shock Booze Remix)

A – Z

Cage Miura
DO SHOCK BOOZE is Captain Awesome!
Great Remix!!

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives)
Great Satoshi Fumi remix!
One of my favorite producers from Japan.
I will support and consider for my January chart.

Evren Ulusoy (Plastic City,I Records)
Satoshi is doing great!

Keisuke Kanomata (varium)
I like all mixes, especially Amaoh Remix for me.

Laurent Garnier (F-communications)
ohhh yessss
absolutely loooove Satoshi’s remix
Will play a lot everywhere
Thanks as always

Mari Shimamura
This is super EP.
I want to listen to all the mixes on the floor at the peak time.

Master H (Komplex De Deep)
nice remix Satoshi did bro..thanx for sharing:)

Mr Jones (Disclosure Project)
Liking Satoshi remix and the Amoah remix most here,
the classic Satoshi detroitesque piano groove
with nice little rolling bassline underneath.

Ocean Gaya (Lovezone,Plastic City)
Nice release ! I go for original and Satoshi mix.

Phil Soren (Definitive Recording)
My favorite track :
DJ Yoko – Flamenco (Amaoh Remix)
Thanks for this EP.

RALPH LAWSON (2020Vision)
Satoshi Your remix – It’s amazing!!!!!
I play it every gig in Japan and people go crazy.

Shingo NAKAMURA (Silk Royal,PROTON)
Satoshi Fumi’s Remix is really wonderful!
I will play it!

Shinji Tokida (Fountain Music/Plaza In Crowd)
These are like Derrick May.
Also the remixes are wonderful with warmer Detroit style.