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KaNa (Yokohama,Japan)
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バイオグラフィ (日本語):


その傍ら、80′s Hi-NRG、Eurobeat、Disco、Soul、House Musicといった

そして偶然出会ったProbspot、Benz & MD等の楽曲に強い衝撃を受け、
Progressive Houseのどこまでも深く優美なサウンドに魅せられていく。

2006年以降、KaNaの手がけるProgressive Houseはそのクオリティの高さが
国内のレーベルやアーティストの間で大きく評価され、Delights Musicや
Landscape Music、Days Music、Silver Forest、Otographic Musicといった

2010年にはハンガリーのDJ/プロデューサーであるAeron Aetherのレーベル、
さらに2011年1月にOtographic MusicよりリリースされたRemixアルバム
「Hiroyuki ODA – Thirty Remixes」のRemix workにてBeatport Tranceチャート
GALAXY RECZへは、「Tomoyuki Sakakida – Furaibow」のRemixが初の楽曲提供となる。

Biography (English):
KaNa is a DJ and sound stylist from Yokohama.

From a child KaNa has strongly impressed by Classical music,
and started to make music by using the piano.
Since her teens, she has touched the synth. And through working as a keyboard player in a band,
she has decided to be a musician, and learned music theories and composing techniques.

While doing her keyboard activities, KaNa has met dance musics such as 80′s Hi-NRG,
Eurobeat, Disco, Soul, and House by going to clubs.
And soon after she has started her DJ activities. From that,
she has experienced many many unknown music that across generations and genres.

KaNa had produced her tracks by using hardware sequencer and analog equipments.
In 2005, she had changed her equipments to Macintosh,
and come to produce in seamless environment by using Logic.
Just then, she ran into Progressive House by Probspot and Benz & MD.
KaNa was fascinated by Progressive House and come to make it by her own.

Since 2006, KaNa’s tracks has been spoken of favorably in labels and artists in Japan.
Soon after she got production offers by Delights Music, Landscape Music, Days Music,
Silver Forest and Otographic Music.

In 2010, she realized much-anticipated overseas releases from Arrival in Aeron Aether’s label
of a Hungarian DJ, producer.
In addition, in the ‘Hiroyuki ODA – Thirty Remixes’ works which released on January 2011,
she climbed to 9th place which is her highest record in the Beatport Trance Chart.
‘Tomoyuki Sakakida – Furaibow’ remix works is the first time KaNa offer of music to the
Galaxy Recz.
Increasingly, can’t take my eyes off her activities in the future…!

== Discography ==
Tomoyuki Sakakida – Furaibow (KaNa Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 025 :28th.May.2011