Mad Morello

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Mad Morello (Budapest,Hungary)
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Biography (English):
Mad Morello was born in 1981.
Being a kid in the ’90s he soon became addicted to electronic music.
He started to write tracks with the legendary Fast Tracker 2 software and a simple PC around 1998,
after some years playing the piano.
Soon he learned how to mix two tracks together and he started to play as a dj.
After a lot of projects with different stlyes, he started his “house” project.
His first big boom was a remix of Hungary’s most well known Dj, Hamvai Pg.
He remixed the track “Hello My Friend” and Pornostar Records released it.
After this starting point he made some remixes for hungarian artist,
and his first track “Mirage” was released at CLS Digital.
His first own EP was “Sunday Morning” released by a greek label called Deepsessions Recordings.

== Discography ==
DJ Yoko Feat. MASMIN – Howling Soul 2011 (Mad Morello Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 032 :19th.Dec.2011
DJ Yoko Feat. MASMIN – Howling Soul 2011 (Mad Morello Remix Dub) – GALAXY RECZ 032 :19th.Dec.2011