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Magnetie (Washington DC,USA)
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Biography (English):
Magnetie is producing the hottest, freshest, bomb-dropping mixes to hit the club scene in years.
You really have to hear her tracks to appreciate the breadth of this young phenom’s talent – as a DJ, musician and producer.
Her signature, self-described ‘neo-tribal’ take on traditional EDM is being hailed as ‘revolutionary’ by DC’s house glitterati and has caught the attention of numerous record labels around the world, which will culminate in a handful of record releases this year and many to come.
Magnetie grew up in Washington DC with admittedly ‘strict’ buttoned-up conservative parents.
But that didn’t stop her from sneaking out of her second story window to take in her first EDM festival at the tender age of 15.
She immediately fell in love with the music – drawn to the lights and mesmerized by the deep, crystal-clear sound.
Later that year Magnetie inherited her first set of turntables, vinyl, mixer and few boxes filled with reggae vinyl records from a friend who moved back to Jamaica.
The rest is, well, history.
Producing music became Magnetie’s #1 focus, her chronic hobby, her passion.
She spends every minute of free time teaching herself and keeping up to date with music production as she calls this hobby of hers ‘nerding out’.
Magnetie’s musical DNA goes back to her latin roots, which weave together the fabric of her highly complex and seamlessly produced records.
The depth of her musical production and energy she exhibits at every single gig are formed out of iconic influences as disparate as Rage Against The Machine, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, NIN, Sade, Missy Elliot and the list goes on…
As an artist her passion for a wide range of electronic genres include: Progressive House, Techno, Electro House, Tech-House, Deep-House, Psy-Trance, Trance, Drum n Bass and has recently conquered Dubstep, performing with A-list dubstep artists such as Porter Robinson, Doctor P, Flux Pavillion and
many others….
She states ‘There isn’t one genre I dislike, I find magic in each one of them, some make me happy and others sad, some spark heavy dozes of adrenaline in me while others can put me in a psychologically-induced trance-like state and relax me, some are good to brake things to and others to make love to.
It is fascinating to know how one song can change my mood’
The 20-something year old – equal parts steamy Latin party girl, Catholic corporate miniskirt and the sexiest tech-nerd you’ll ever meet – seamlessly blends the mayhem borne of raw sensuality with the order and discipline of ultra-tight, super-clean production lines.
With Bone-thumping bass lines, she has the unique ability to keep even the dirties musician, mastering the drums, guitar and bass at an early age.
She admits with a wry smile that her four years of formal music production training haven’t hurt either.
Magnetie’s ‘inspired’ live performances are catching fire across the nation – featuring both original mixes and blend of tech/electro/progressive-house and dustep tunes.
The result? Capacity crowds driven into a primordial state of seething elation on the dance floors of A-list area clubs like Fur, Ultrabar, Ibiza, U Street Music Hall, Lima Lounge, Sweet Spot and others.
Her aggressive pursuit of the ultimate dance experience has attracted a loyal following of the EDM faithful.
She recently scored invitations to return once again to perform at the B.P.M. Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and WMC Winter Music Conference in Miami Florida, the gold standard of EDM throwdowns.

== Discography ==
Magnetie – Make It Reality – GALAXY RECZ 051 :13th.Dec.2012