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Nogami (Osaka,Japan)
website:Nogami SoundCloud

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バイオグラフィ (日本語):
2011年GALAXY RECZよりデビュー。

Biography (English):
The track production in 2008 begins because he felt the unlimited potential in Techno/minimal.
He progresses the story to one monotonous track and he changes one sound into a free transforming.
The technique and the sense of the track making to feel his inorganic techno like the organism are exactly unique.
He unites experimentally with another genre without being caught in one genre every day,
and the sound invented from Nogami in the future cannot be heard and be missed.

[Nogami's interview]:21 Aug. 2011

== Discography ==
Nogami – Magik – GALAXY RECZ 067 :26th.Sep.2013
Nogami – Messenger – GALAXY RECZ 059 :12th.Apr.2013
Various Artists – GALAXY RECZ Miami WMC 2013 Sampler – GALAXY RECZ 057 :15th.Mar.2013
Tokiaki Yamamoto – Sombra (Nogami Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 052 :25th Dec. 2012
Ende – Alteransia (Nogami Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 049 :15th.Nov.2012
Nogami – Midnight Loss – GALAXY RECZ 044 :11th.Aug.2012
Amaoh – Kraftholik (Nogami Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 039 :22th.May.2012
Various Artists – Brightness To Japan Vol.2 – GALAXY RECZ 035 :20th.Feb.2012
R.Varez – Destroy (Nogami Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 034 :27th.Jan.2012
Nogami – Yin & Yang – GALAXY RECZ 029 :22th.Aug.2011