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OMB (Kanagawa,Japan)
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バイオグラフィ (日本語):
Daisuke Yamagishiによるソロプロジェクト“OMB”。
2001年、才気溢れる1stアルバム“Night Shift”で鮮烈なデビューを飾る。
Silver Planet(UK)、Screen(Itary)、Acute(US)、Nitelist(JP)など
Audiotherapy(UK)からリリースされた“Dave Seaman/My Own Worst Enemy- OMB Remix”は
Chemical、Brothers、Underworld、Tiestoらと並びCream DVDに収録され大きな話題を呼んだ。
シーン最全盛時のJohn Digweed、Paul Oakenfold、Deep Dish、Hernan Cattaneo、Anthony PappaなどのトップDJに瞬く間に見い出され、
大手時計ブランド“Franck Muller”や“X-BOX Project Gotham Racing 2”などに楽曲を提供している。
平行して主宰する“Frame Recordings”では、長年の経験と非凡なハウスDJとしての非凡な才能を生かし、
今後Baroque(UK) Plusquam(Ger) Flow Vinyl(Por) King Street(US)をはじめ多くのリリースを控えている。

Biography (English):
DJ & producer Daisuke Yamagishi, better known as OMB has been acting positively for years in Japan and as well as overseas.
His groovy and atmospheric production skills have been discovered by the leaders in dance music,
such as John Digweed and Anthony Pappa and that leads him to release tracks like “Beeperhorn / Whiteroom” form 3beat (U.K.) and “Explicit” from Womb (JP).
His tracks have been in the set list of Paul Oakenfold, Deep Dish, Hernan Cattaneo, Seb Fontaine, to name a few.
Obviously he is one of the few DJs/producers that increase global profile.
He has also released tracks form the strong labels, such as Audiotherapy (U.K.), Silver Planet (U.K.), Screen (Italy), 3beat (U.K.), womb (JP), Acute (US), and Nitelist (JP).
In 2004, he was asked to produce a remix of Dave Seaman’s hit release, “My Own Worst Enemy” and that remix was compiled in Cream DVD,
has also the music from Chemical Brothers, Underworld, and Tiësto.
He also produced music for major companies, such as Franck Muller and X-BOX game “Project Gotham Racing 2.”
As a leading figure of dance music in Japan, he produces his own party “Frame” regularly and invites the best DJs from all over the world.
He also runs his own label, Frame Recordings, in order to release his own material and talented upcoming artists. He has just released 4th alblum, “FUEL” in December 2008.

== Discography ==
Nobuyuki Tokunaga Feat. Siri Svegler – More Rain (OMB Remix) – GALAXY RECZ 030 :19th.Sep.2011