Noriyuki Hashimoto

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2010/01/02 – 23:30

Noriyuki Hashimoto (Tokyo,Japan)
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Thank you for your visiting my page!

I belong to an information technology company and often develop mobile phone applications as my hobby.

I will make my own start-up in the future. If you take into start-ups, please make contact with me!

I’m also managing progressive dance music label GALAXY RECZ as a staff and update our label’s fan page! please check it!!

I interviewed various artists who released or remixed tunes from GALAXY RECZ what is listed next.

(in Japanase)
(in English)

-Tomoyuki Sakakida(GALAXY RECZ, somode)
(in Japanese)
(in English)

-Shota Mochizuki (Enhanced ,GF RECORDINGS, Selective, db Recordings, Armada)
(in Japanese)
(in English)

(in Japanese)

Recently, I have been looking for trance(Euphoric, uplifting…) artists from all over the world.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you are interested!!!!!