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U:ICHI (Tokyo,Japan)
website:U:ICHI & Amaoh Tumblr
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バイオグラフィ (日本語):
さらには妖艶なDRUG QUEEN達が花を添えることにより、独自のパーティーシーンを確立。
2008年東京でのDJ活動を開始。 細分化されてゆくパーティーシーンの中で、
All around houseをキーワードにクロスオーバー、ジャンルレスに融合できる世界観の体言を虎視眈々と狙う。

盟友KOHSUKEとのGALAXY RECZ レーベルショーケースの活動や、
WOMB SUNDAY AFTERNOONを広めた日曜午後のBIG FES,「CSH4(偶数月第一日曜)」のレギュラーDJとして活躍中。
また渋谷WOMB , AMATE-RAXI 代官山AIR , UNIT/SALOON 新木場ageHa 中目黒solfaなど都内を代表する各ClubでのPLAYも多数経験し、Anjuna Deep, Ministry of Sound, 303Lovers ,TRONICといった海外著名レーベル、アーティスト(JAYTECH,SPENCER PARKER,MANUEL DE LA MARE,LUIGI ROCCA,PAOLO MOJO,LEON,DOSEM …etc)のJAPANツアーでも精力的にPLAY。

彼らなりのちょっとした”遊び心”のエッセンスを盛り込んだ楽曲「Behoma」「Love Phantom」「HareruYEAH」は
ジャパニーズ ダンスミュージックレーベル:GALAXY RECZよりリリース。
「Love Phantom」は1stリリースにも関わらずWASABEATチャートのプログレッシブハウス部門の週間チャート3位を獲得した。


2013年。自身のクロスオーバーする音楽性とGALAXY RECZ、海外アーティストをリンクさせ、独自の世界観を演出していくオーガナイズパーティー「WEAVES」をスタート。WEAVE=紡ぎ のパーティータイトルに込められた思いと共に、また一つ東京クラブシーンを熱くするアイコンとして今後の活動、展開が期待される1人であることは間違いない。

Biography (English):
DJ U:ICHI started his career as a DJ from March 2003, in Okayama. He has established and holds distinct stance as an organizer DJ ever since.
In 2003, U:ICHI has launched his own organize party “FORCE” and established a unique party scene collaborating music, visual, and space decoration with the presence of voluptuous drug queens.
The party was a huge success of having over 300 to 400 people constantly and was renowned as the largest party in the area. With the success, U:ICHI became the leading organizer of the local scene.

In 2008, he started DJing in Tokyo. U:ICHI ambitiously aims to achieve his genre-less fusion of minimal, click, progressive, and electro which are segmented in party scenes, with “all around house” as the keyword.
He is currently actively involved with GALAXY RECZ label showcase “Force to Galaxy” with his good friend DJ KOHSUKE and also with the party which became the largest Sunday afternoon party at Womb, CSH4 (first Sunday of even-numbered months) as a regular DJ.
U:ICHI has managed to procure a fan base that has enabled him to perform throughout representing clubs in Tokyo such as WOMB in Shibuya, ageHa, AMATE-RAXI, AIR, UNIT/SALOON, solfa, and energetically plays at Japan tour of international renowned labels and artists such as Anjuna Deep, Ministry of Sound, 303Lovers.
His precise selection of tracks based on the situation comes from more than 10 years of career and the excellent mix work holds a great trust from the floor.

Since 2012, U:ICHI started producing tracks with track maker Amaoh as the manipulator (under the name, U:ICHI&Amaoh). Amaoh’ is a experienced track maker with his own tracks reaching top of the chart in Progressive division on JunoDownload site. Their tracks “Behoma”, “Love Phantom”, “HareruYEAH” are full of original ideas, anacatesthesiatic synthesizer line (their specialty), and playful essences. It is due to be released from Japanese dance music label GALAXY RECZ!!!

== Discography ==
U:ICHI & Amaoh – Five Dayz – GALAXY RECZ 066 :08th.Sep.2013
Various Artists – GALAXY RECZ Miami WMC 2013 Sampler – GALAXY RECZ 057 :15th.Mar.2013
U:ICHI & Amaoh – Hareruyeah / Behoma Remixes – GALAXY RECZ 055 :14th.Feb.2013
U:ICHI & Amaoh – Behoma – GALAXY RECZ 048 :29th.Oct.2012