Tokunaga & shintaro、On Air@No Rules Radio Show

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No Rulez Radio Show by DJ M-TRAXXX on 19-08-2010

1.Annex feat 80bug ‘Love Is Overrated’ (George Morel Remix) -Kult Records NYC
2.DJ Vibe ‘I’ll Take You’ (The Classic Twisted Mix) -Twisted Records
3.Efas ‘Knox’s Fort’ -Kult Records NYC
4.Richard Fox ‘Five By Five’ -Slide Recordings
5.SiaSia ‘Voyager’ (Larix Remix) -Dirty Stuff Records Poland
6.Creative Combustion ‘Song And Dance’ Part 2 -Victoria Music
7.Domshe ‘Octopus’ (The KPS Remix) -Dirty Stuff Records Poland
8.Da Posse ‘The Groove’ -Future Records Chicago
9.Jerome Baker ‘Swirl’ -Mad Hatter Recordings
10.Jordan Fields ‘Textures’ -Headphoniq Records
11.Sinnamon ‘I Need You Now’ (Acapella) -Red Hot Records
12.Danell Dixon ‘Dance Dance’ (DJ Pierre’s Wild Pitch Mix) -Nite Grooves
13.Nick Harvey ‘Queens English’ -Nick Harvey Music
14.GTS feat Loleatta Holloway ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ (Junior’s Lectro Beats) -Kink Street Sounds
15.DJ M-TRAXXX ‘Universal Dance’ (shintaro Remix) – GALAXY RECZ Japan
16.DJ Sneak ‘Drums Are Us’ -Strictly Rhythm Records
17.Tokunaga ‘Storage’ – GALAXY RECZ Japan
18.David Morales with Tamara Keenan ‘Here I Am’ (Morales Club Mix) -Ultra Records
19.Hologram Hookers ‘Touched Up’ -Unreleased CDr
20.Razz feat Matt Warren & Ralphi Rosario ‘Kill Yourself Dancing’ -Sunset Records Chicago
21.Will Jax ‘The Arrival’ (Junia Ovadose Mix) -Unreleased CDr
22.DJ Sneak ‘Platforms EP’ -Eighty Three West Test Pressing
23.Alex & Chris ‘Jungle’ -CDr Promo Italy
24.The Todd Terry Project ‘The Circus’

Special Thanks To DJ M-TRAXXX

Prince Dred Feat. Naeemah Harper / I’m Feeling You – SUPPORT/FEEABACK!!

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Prince Dred Feat. Naeemah Harper / I’m Feeling You
A – Z

Carl Kennedy
Really great def one for my Hed Kandi sets!! Top TUNE!!

Deep Josh
Amazing Vocals!!!

Now, I look 4ward 2 downloading this Pronce Dred…
I know it’s good cause ALL GALAXY RECZ MUZIK IS GOOD!!!

shintaro Remix is for me!
All musics are good like a summer feeling!

DJ Yoko
Each version,it’s just like Dico-Music.
The vocal lets us so HIGH !!

Graeme Park
You can’t beat the wonderful Original.

Jamie Wamie
Awesome Package!

Joey Silvero
That Bassline is Heavy!

Dave Doyle have done wonderful work again!!
Electronic Piano and Bass’s groove is amazing!

Keisuke Kanomata
I listened to all tracks.
It is very high-quality.

Kiss Sell Out

Lewis Dene
Gonna Rock the Afrosoul mix.

Mac Precelli
Superb set of tracks!

Love Markus Schmitz remix, Full Support.

Moto Blanco
Love the Dave Doyle Mix.

Nick Power
Nice n’ Funky.

Nikki Elise
Good Work!

Pete Farmer
Fantastic! Love the Groove and feel!

Shinji Tokida
Very funky tunes!! def respect.

Stacey Bowtell
Good package of mixes!

Fantastic cool and high quality tracks surprised me.

Thank you for everyone’s support!!

Tokunaga / Show Time

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Show Time

「Show time」は、


「Show time」 is a spatial deep house which come up with Japanese voice phrase completely.
Simple but spatial pad sound and delicate sound of synthesizer makes fantastic atmosphere pleasantly.
It’s a spatial track you can feel sensitive and characteristic view of the world.

「Storage」 is a spatial tech house which proceed based on deep and delayed synthesizer phrase.
You can hear that refrained riff with a feeling of floating sounds like a mountain upon mountain.
In addition, when the stretchable voice ride on it, it takes your body into the meditative world.

Beatport Exclusive Release Date: 12.08.2010
Release Date: 26.08.2010
Artist: Tokunaga
Tittle: Show Time
Format: Digital (Beatport,juno download,iTunes Store, etc..)
Cat.No: GLXY016

01. Show Time (Original Mix) 
02. Storage (Original Mix)