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Ende (Spain)
website:Ende SoundCloud

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Biography (English):
Started with music at the age of 16 in a rock band, playing guitar.
After having many problems to find a new drummer, I bought my first drum machine,the “Roland r-70″,
and that´s how I started to edit and sequencing my own sounds discovering a new way to create music.
At that time Techno was conquering the raves and afer hour parties, and I was immediately seduced for that great and dark sound.
After buying more gear and working in my sound for 8 years,
I got my first release with a german record label (Giant and dwarf) in 2005 called (Manuel Fuentes “drug user” ENDE REMIX), with a dark hard techno track.
That´s the time when I was very interested in my set to performing “live”,
after performing in Barcelona and Mallorca for a year in diferents raves,
clubs and open air after hours parties,
I decided to locked up in my studio to work in my new sound,
going down the bpm and trying to get a mixture between the techno, house, progressive and minimal structure.
Working hard untill nowdays, in 2011 I have decided that my sound is good enough to be released and listened,
so I have diferents forthcoming releases for this year,
with Complicity records (Spain), Tronic b7 records (Brazil), Facetious Records (UK), Taux music (Colombia),
Ilumination Sound records (Colombia), 4beat Records (Slovakia), Galaxy Recz (Japan),
Club 86 Recordings (Finland), Cloud of silence (Serbia), and many more…

== Discography ==
Ende – Menospresio – GALAXY RECZ 064 :13th.Jul.2013
Ende – Alteransia – GALAXY RECZ 049 :15th.Nov.2012
Ende – Mornings – GALAXY RECZ 037 :30th.Mar.2012
Various Artists – Brightness To Japan Vol.1 – GALAXY RECZ 028 :24th.Jul.2011