Knique / Twilight Beyond

Posted by KOHSUKE on 2013/02/28 – 18:00

Twilight Beyond

The 56th release of GALAXY RECZ is 「Twilight Beyond」 by Knique.
Knique is a producer from India and is moving the activity base to London now.
Two original tracks of his are recorded on this EP.
Both tracks are Progressive House with beautiful and emotional melody.
This EP includes remix by Tomoyuki Sakakida and Alinut.
Their remixes as well as Original Mix is beautiful Progressive House!!

GALAXY RECZの56番目のリリースはKniqueTwilight Beyond」。
両楽曲とも美しく感情的なメロディーを備えたProgressive House。
Tomoyuki SakakidaAlinutによるRemixも収録している。
彼等のRemixもOriginal Mix同様、美しいProgressive Houseだ!!

Release Date: 26th Feb. 2013
Artist: Knique
Tittle: Twilight Beyond
Format: Digital (Beatport,juno download,iTunes Store, etc..)
Cat.No: GLXY056

Photo by U-co.
Artwork by DJ Yoko

Knique / Twilight Beyond – 26th Feb. 2013 by GALAXY RECZ

01.Twilight Beyond (Original Mix)
02.Twilight Beyond (Tomoyuki Sakakida Remix)
03.Twilight Beyond (Alinut Remix)
04.Evolving Daze (Original Mix)

A – Z

Aeron Aether (Arrival, Silk Music)
Nice release overall, thanks!

Danilo Morttagua (Uplifting Music)
WOW!!! all mixes are good but TOMOYUKI SAKAKIDA remix was just a great melodic travel!! EPIC TRACK

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives)
Really great work here, I’m enjoying the Original mixes and Alinut remix the most.

Denis Horvat (Style Angel)
very nice

Dinka (Unreleased Digital)
nice. too slow for my sets though. might consider it for a radiomix. thx

DJ M-TRAXXX (Miami/Orlando,Florida)
i like ‘Twilight Beyond’ Original “)

Ferry Corsten (Flashover Recordings)
Thanks, downloading for Ferry. If Ferry supports we will let you know.

Hassan Rassmy (Frisky Radio)
Great EP, will support. Thanks.

Jaytech (Anjuna Deep)
May try Alinut remix/Evolving Daze, cheers

All tracks are really great!
Especially Twilight Beyond (Alinut Remix) for me. Thanks!!

Kel Sweeney (UK)
Really liking the melodic original mix – loving the warm synths.

What an amazing EP!!!! very nice, I like all of them! :) Twilight Beyond Original = 10 Tomoyuki Sakakida = 9 Alinut = 10 Evolving Daze Original = 10 Those are my thoughts :)

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour Recordings)
Thank you. Downloading for Markus.

Ryoji Takahashi (R135 Tracks)
all tracks is beautiful.. Support! I’m sorry to be late feed back..

Takashi Sasaki (CONVERGE+)
i like bass line of Alinut Remix.